‘Plan With Me’ Videos: The Excessive Sticker Phenomena

Inspiration to plan comes in many forms, but one popular form is watching someone on their YouTube channel plan out their own week, month, or even year. The problem is that so many of these channels that say they will be planning actually just focus on putting stickers into their planners. While they do some commentary as they plan, why are there so many stickers? And is there really a point to watching someone just put stickers into their planner?

Why Do People Call Their Sticker Videos ‘Plan With Me’ Videos?

Plan With Me video stickers

The term “plan with me” has become a popular phrase in the planning community on YouTube. It refers to videos where individuals share their planner setup and process for the week or month ahead, often incorporating decorative stickers into the planning process. But why do these videos focus so heavily on stickers instead of actual planning?

One big reason is that many of these people sell their stickers on places like Etsy, and they want the stickers to be the focus point of the video. While they are not actually doing any planning, titling their video ‘plan with me’ helps pull in interested people who might want to use their stickers.

Another reason could be that many people find decorating their planners with stickers to be a calming and therapeutic activity and may feel like others will feel the same. The act of choosing and placing stickers can help reduce stress and anxiety, making it an appealing form of self-care for those who enjoy planning. And they may actually view these stickers as an important part of their schedule.

For instance, many stickers have room for writing important dates, deadlines, or tasks. Seeing these stickers can serve as visual reminders for what needs to be done and when. This helps the planner stay organized and on track with their responsibilities.


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Another reason ‘plan with me’ videos are focused on stickers could be the desire to create a visually appealing planner. Stickers can add color, personality, and creativity to an otherwise bland planner layout. This makes it more enjoyable to look at and use on a daily basis, ultimately increasing motivation and productivity, which ultimately is the intention behind their videos.

Can Watching Sticker Planning Benefit Your Planning?

Is watching these “plan with me” videos where all they do is lay down stickers actually beneficial?

It depends on the individual. Some viewers may find them inspiring and motivating, while others may feel overwhelmed or pressured to have a perfectly decorated planner like the ones they see online.

Other people may just be annoyed that the end result looks more like a sticker book and leaves little room for actual planning.

One issue that can happen with watching the ‘plan with me’ videos is you can end up buying all the stickers that you see used, or become addicted to buying stickers, and eventually you have a mound of stickers that you don’t actually use.

Another issue is that you can spend so much time watching other people add stickers to their planner and adding stickers to your own planner that you may reduce the time that you actually write down your plans and goals, as well as the time you work to take action on your plans and goals.

But the benefit of using stickers is that it can help make your planner more fun and enjoyable to use, and for some people, this can lead to increased motivation and productivity.

Can You Have Too Many Stickers in Your Planner?

The answer to this question ultimately depends on personal preference. Although, if the entire planner is full of stickers, then this seems excessive.

Stickers can add to the planner and help separate tasks or highlight important dates, but too many stickers can also be overwhelming and make the planner difficult to navigate.

Some people enjoy having a fully decorated planner with stickers covering every inch. These people likely have very little planning to do, but want to maintain the few plans they do have in an organized and visually appealing way.

It’s important to find a balance that works for you and your planning style. Too many stickers can potentially make a planner feel cluttered and overwhelming, making it difficult to focus on the actual planning aspect. However, if stickers bring joy and enhance your planning experience, then there is no harm in using as many as you’d like.

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