31 Journal Prompts To Bring More Self-Love Into Your Life

Ready to delve into how much you love yourself and how you can love yourself more? The following 31 journal prompts for self-love will boost your awareness of your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to self-love. You will shatter some limiting beliefs, develop new beliefs, and bring some new self-love practices into your life.

31 Journal Prompts That Will Inspire More Self-Love

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1. What Negative Affirmations Do I Say About Myself Every Day?

We often talk to ourselves worse than we would an enemy. It’s very hard to love ourselves when we beat ourselves up or put ourselves down. And, usually, we exaggerate how bad things are when we talk about ourselves negatively.

There are likely some things you tell yourself every day.

What negative affirmations are you saying to yourself each day?

For example:

  • I’m stupid.
  • I’m ugly.
  • I’ll never succeed.
  • I shouldn’t even try.
  • I fail at everything.
  • I’m not good enough.

Write down those thoughts and words that you say on a regular basis that keep you from loving yourself fully. Bring awareness to them and decide how you can kick them out of your life for good.

2. What Positive Affirmations About Myself Do I Say Every Day?

It’s also important to recognize what positive statements we say about ourselves daily and then highlight them.

For instance, you may say something like, “I’m really good at this,” when you are doing something you love.

What do you say to yourself daily?

What other positive affirmations should you be saying to yourself every day?

How can you add more positive affirmations into your life like that?

3. What Practices Do I Do Daily For Self-Love?

Self-love practices should make you feel happy and good and valued.

Take note of what you do daily for self-love.

You may realize that you don’t have any self-love habits that you daily, or you may realize that the ones you do label as self-love practices are not fulfilling you as they should.

4. How Do I Take Care Of My Body?

When we love something or someone, we take care of it. For instance, we make sure our children and pets eat good food. We tend to any physical problems that they have. We want them to be healthy in body and encourage them to do good things for their bodies.

Self-love means looking after yourself the same way you would look after someone you love.

How do you take care of your body?

How do you make sure your body is getting the attention it needs to stay healthy?

5. How Do I Take Care of My Mind?

Along with our bodies, our mind’s need care too.

We need to ensure that our mind is strong and feels good or we can get into the habit of negative thoughts and even depression.

How do you ensure your mind stays sharp?

How do you ensure that your mind focuses on good thoughts?

6. How Do I Take Care Of My Soul?

Our spiritual life contributes a lot to our happiness. It helps us feel connected and valued in ways that no other aspect of our lives can.

What do you do that’s good for your soul? What makes you feel alive and connected to something more than just your individual life?

7. Do I Nurture My Most Important Relationships?

Your most important relationships will help you get through the hard times and will make the good times even better. A big part of self-love is tending to those relationships that help you feel valued and important.

What do you do to make sure your relationships stay strong?

How do you contribute to your relationships so that they feel loved and give love back?

What could you do better?

8. What Boundaries Have I Created In My Life?

Not having boundaries in life can cause a whole bunch of problems and can affect your ability to love yourself.

For instance, letting people walk all over you can affect how you view yourself and treat yourself.

What boundaries do you have in your life to ensure that your self-confidence and self-worth stay intact?

What boundaries do you have to ensure that you are able to nurture yourself in body, mind, and spirit?

9. Do I Trust Myself?

It’s hard to love people you don’t trust. So, how can you love yourself if you don’t trust yourself?

Do you have confidence that you are doing the right thing, have your best interest at heart, and are being honest with yourself?

Do you trust yourself to make good decisions?

How can you improve your self-trust?

10. Do I Treat Myself With Respect?

When we truly love someone, we treat them with respect. We accept the way they are and treat them with compassion and understanding.

Do you treat yourself with the same respect you treat the people that you love?

11. Am I Kind To Myself?

When we truly love someone, we are kind to them. We don’t make fun of them or put them down or beat them up – we are considerate of them and treat them fairly.

Are you kind to yourself?

12. How Do I Prioritize Myself?

Self-love means putting yourself first sometimes. It means loving yourself enough to take the time to look after your body, mind, spirit, and relationships.

So how do you prioritize yourself?

How do you ensure that you get the love you need, even when other people and things are demanding your focus on them instead?

13. Am I Hard On Myself?

Nobody has the ability to be as hard as you can be on yourself.

Even if someone else is trying to put you down or make you feel bad, you can choose to ignore them and listen to your own inner voice that tell you how great you are.

But when you are hard on yourself, there’s no escape.

Are you hard on yourself? How? Why?

14. How Do I Feel About My Imperfections?

Perfection is not real. There is no perfect person, so you shouldn’t expect yourself to be perfect. Embracing your imperfections can boost your self-love in a big way!

What do you wish was better about yourself or your life?

How do you feel about those things? Are you compassionate or do you beat yourself up?

How can you be more accepting of your imperfections?

15. Do I Need To Forgive Myself?

Self-forgiveness and self-love go hand in hand. We need to forgive ourselves for our mistakes in life or we can never truly love ourselves.

Ironically, we are often quick to forgive other people but slow to forgive ourselves. We feel like hanging on to our guilt or shame is benefiting us in some way, but it’s not.

Forgiving yourself will open up new doors for you. It will help you see yourself as a stronger and more capable person, and you will be more willing to take chances in your life.

16. Do I Like Myself? If Not, Why?

This is a simple journal prompt that can help boost your self-love.

If you don’t like certain aspects of yourself, ask yourself why. Be honest.

Then ask yourself what you can do to start liking yourself more.

17. What Goals Do I Have For Myself Happiness And Health?

What would make you the happiest and feel the best? What are you doing to ensure that you are the happiest and healthiest you can be?

Self-love doesn’t just mean taking care of yourself now… it means making sure that you will be taken care of in the future.

A goal can be a north star that guides you on what you need to do today and tomorrow to be your happiest and healthiest self. And that north star can take away a lot of stress and worry, which gives you more room for self-love.

18. Am I True To Myself?

Are you sacrificing your own happiness and health because you are trying to be someone others want you to be?

Self-love means acknowledging who you are and being true to yourself so that you can experience the joy that comes with that.

Are you holding back?

Are you holding onto something you don’t want to hold onto anymore?

Are you doing what you love?

Are you filling your days with things that make you feel alive?

If not, why? And how can you start being more true to yourself?

19. Do I Pay Attention To My Needs Over My Wants?

This is a big part of self-love.

Your needs come first. Taking care of your needs, such as adequate shelter, food, and water, means you value yourself.

Taking care of other needs, such as being in a loving relationship and creating goals that give you purpose are also important for loving yourself.

Wants can be easy to give into and take away from your needs.

What are your needs and wants?

What do you pay more attention to?

What boosts your self-love more?

20. Do I Hold Myself Accountable?

Letting yourself get away with procrastination, addictions, and breaking promises is not self-love.

Not holding yourself accountable for who you want to be and what you want to do in life takes away from feelings of self-worth and can put a strain on your relationship with others and with yourself.

Are you letting yourself get away with stuff that’s impacting your ability to love yourself?

21. Am I Holding On To Toxic People?

Good relationships will encourage self-love. Toxic relationships will encourage a bunch of negative emotions towards yourself.

Toxic people make you feel stressed out, not good enough, not valued, not loved, not wanted, not needed, and not important. How can you love yourself when you feel these things?

Do you have toxic relationships in your life? How are they affecting your ability to love yourself?

22. Am I Living In the moment or waiting for the future?

We can get caught up ‘one day’.

  • One day I will give myself the love I deserve.
  • One day I will look after myself the way I should.
  • One day I will do things that make me happy.

But, ‘one day’ is always at least one day away. It never comes until you decide to live in the moment.

Are you living for ‘one day’? How is that affecting your ability to do things that promote self-love right now?

23. How Do I Connect to myself?

Do you spend time with yourself in a way that allows you to listen to yourself?

If you are doing these journal prompts, then you are connecting with yourself. You are looking within, asking yourself questions, and taking time to explore what resonates with you and what doesn’t.

How else do you connect with yourself?

How else can you figure out who you are and what you want?

How else can you take the time to evaluate what’s working and what isn’t?

24. How Can I Be More Confident?

Confidence and self-love go hand in hand. When you feel confident about who you are, nobody can shake the love you have for yourself.

How can you be more confident?

How can you find confidence in your ability to be an amazing person who has a lot to offer this world?

25. Do I Believe What Other People Say?

Other people will tell you what they think about you. Even though they have no idea who you really are, that’s always going to happen.

Other people don’t know you the way you do. They can never tell you who you are, who you should be, and where you should be going. Only you know that.

We are all on our own unique paths. Nobody is on the same path. For someone to tell you to get on THEIR path is just ridiculous. They are delusional if they think that you should be exactly like them or how they want you to be.

Do you listen to other people?

Do you believe them even though they are telling you things based on their unique paths in life?

26. What Kind Of World Do I Live In?

Do you see a lack of love or a lot of love in your world?

There is a belief that everyone you see is a mirror of you in some way.

For instance, if you go into the grocery store and only see all the miserable people, then you may be miserable! But, if you go into the store and only see all the happy people, then you may be happy!

The world is full of love, anger, happiness, hate, joy, and misery. There is an abundance of all of those things. We tend to focus on what resonates with us the most.

What do you predominantly see?

What does that tell you about yourself?

27. Why Should I Love Myself?

This journal prompt is coming at a time when you’ve thought a lot about your life and what’s going on in it.

You should have some idea of why you should love yourself now.

List out as many things as you can think of. The more reasons there are to love yourself, the more desire you will have to love yourself.

28. How Can I Cultivate More Love In My Life?

What we focus on in life is what we see in the world, including in the mirror.

If you want more self-love, bring more love into your life.

How can you cultivate more love in your life?

Can you improve current relationships?

Can you form new relationships?

Can you do things that promote love towards others and yourself?

29. How Can I Listen To Myself More?

How can you connect with yourself more so that you can do the things that promote self-love in your life?

Can you get out in nature and take inventory of your life?

Can you meditate and listen to your inner self?

Can you start paying more attention to your intuition?

30. How Can I Accept Things As They Are?

It’s super easy to love ourselves when things are going great, but what about when things are bad?

Accepting things as they are and accepting ourselves as we are is crucial for more self-love.

We can stop the negative banter when we accept things as they are and focus on the things that make us feel good and loved.

31. How Can I Make Other People Feel Good

When you make other people feel good, you feel good. Your self-love turns up easily because you feel like you are doing something worthy of love.

Moreover, when you make the people you love feel good, you strengthen your relationship, which improves your self-love further.

How can you improve other people’s lives?

What can you say or do to make someone else feel good?

What habits can you get into to make other people in your life feel good?


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