10 Templates You Can Get For Free From Canva

You can’t talk about notebooks, journals, and planners without talking about Canva. If you want easy access to printable templates for any of those things, Canva is the place to go.

With their free plan, they have plenty of templates for you to use and you can create your own if you want. You can download any free template into a PDF file and print it off for your offline use. Here are 10 free templates for your journal, notebooks, or planners that you can download from Canva when you create a free account.

10 Free Templates On Canva You Can Use And Customize

1. A Simple Gratitude Template

Gratitude is a staple for a happy life and more and more people are realizing that. Download a simple gratitude template with a free Canva account. You can change the font and colors, add other elements to the page, and change the wording to make it more personal.

2. A Monthly Goals Template

What do you want to achieve next month for your mind, body, and work? Canva has different free templates that you can use to keep track of what your goals are and check them off as you go.

3. Mental Health Check-In Template

Want to keep track of your mental health? Canva has free templates that you can use for that. For instance, the following mental health template can be modified to use for daily check-ins, weekly check-ins, or monthly check-ins.

4. Physical Health Tracker Template

Whether you want to keep track of your new habits, weight, fitness progress, self-care tasks, health challenges, or anything else, you can find or make a free template on Canva to help you keep track.

5. Itinerary Planner Template

Do you have a big event coming up? If you want a template to keep track of what you need to do or buy, or anything else you need, you can find or create a template on Canva for free.

6. Meal Plan Template

Canva has free meal plan templates that you can customize to fit your menu. You can download this as a PDF, then print it off and stick it on the fridge.

Meal Plan Template

7. Weekly Planner Template

Customize and then print off a free weekly planner template from Canva and throw it in your Happy Planner or in a binder.

8. Monthly Challenge Template

Have a challenge you are doing for the month? Canva has free templates that you can use and customize.


9. Cleaning Schedule Template

Need to post a cleaning schedule that you and everyone else will follow? There are free templates on Canva that you can customize and use for that.

Cleaning Schedule Template

10. Journal Template

How do you want your journal to be? If you can imagine it, you can create it with Canva. It’s amazing how many ways you can customize the page so you can create a personal journal template that works for you.


If You Want To Create Templates, Canva Is The Place To Do It

It’s amazing what you can do on Canva for free. The text, colors, placement, elements, and more can all be changed easily.

Of course, if you upgrade to a paid account, you have many more templates to choose from and ways to customize them. If you are someone who likes to create a lot of templates for yourself, you may want to consider the paid account, but for many people, the free templates on Canva will be enough.

You can see the difference between a free and paid account on their pricing page here.

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